Carbon & Graphite

Two versatile carbon-based compounds with unique features and uses are Carbon & Graphite. Despite having a majority of carbon atoms, both materials have different structures and properties. They are essential in a variety of sectors thanks to their special qualities, which include electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, lubrication, chemical stability, and strength.

Special Graphite Product

A special spectrum of graphite-based materials that are created and produced to meet certain industrial uses and needs are "Special Graphite Products." strong-quality graphite, which has extraordinary qualities including strong heat conductivity, great electrical conductivity, minimal friction, and chemical resistance, is used to meticulously create these items.


CCM and Spare Parts

Continuous Compaction Control (CCM) is the name of a class of cutting-edge tools and technologies used in the construction and civil engineering sectors. The main purpose of CCM and Spare Parts is to monitor and regulate the compaction process during soil and asphalt construction projects.

Rolling Mill Spare Parts

Rolling mill spare parts are crucial parts and replacements created to guarantee the effective and smooth functioning of rolling mills, which are commercial devices used in the production of metal. These replacement components allow for continuous production, save downtime, and contribute to rolling mills' overall effectiveness and lifetime.

C and O2 Control and Sampling System

Systems for carefully regulating and tracking the amounts of carbon (C) and oxygen (O2) in diverse industrial applications are referred to as C and O2 Control and Sampling Systems. Modern automation and technology are used in these systems to provide the best possible control and sample accuracy.

Refractory Materials

For high-temperature applications to survive intense heat, corrosion, and mechanical stress,are crucial components. Slide gate plates are a specialised form of refractory material made to make it easier for molten metals to flow in a regulated manner during the steelmaking process.


Petroleum Drilling Tools

Equipment used in the exploration and extraction of oil and gas resources from extremely deep beneath the surface of the Earth is known as Petroleum Drilling Tools. These specialized instruments make drilling easier in a variety of geological formations and are made to resist harsh circumstances.


CCM Powder
CCM Powder is a top option whether you are a serious weightlifter, a professional athlete, or just someone trying to get the most out of your training. It gives you the energy you need to go through challenging workouts, recover more quickly, and get greater outcomes.
Steel Melting Consumable Product

Steel Melting Consumable Products play a critical role in this demanding sector by supplying the necessary equipment and materials to enable the conversion of raw steel into the robust and adaptable material we rely on in a variety of applications.




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