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graphite electrode

graphite electrode
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Product Code : 10004
Product Description
Anssen Oxidization coated graphite electrodes
ANSSEN Carbon is using the latest nano-ceramic coating production technology, select the new nano-ceramic powder and whisker fiber to impregnate the multi-component micro-nano ceramic dispersion liquid into the graphite electrodes, which can generates the micro-nano ceramic film on the interior surface of the micropore. After drying at room temperature, a high-temperature resistant ceramic film is formed on the electrode outside surface with a depth of 10% of electrode diameter. The ceramic film is an effective to block off the direct contact between the electrode and the air at the temperature 600~1300ºC, thereby it can reduces the oxidation consumption of the electrode surface. It can also Improve the high-temperature anti-oxidizability and strength of the graphite electrode, and reduce the electrodes consumption of for steelmaking in electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace, according to test on LRF it is 10-15% & 7-10% on EAF.

Technique Data:
1. Apperance:         slight white,aqueous semitransparent liquid;
2. Main components:   nano-ceramic powder such as SiO2,Al2O3;
3. micro powder grain size(D50):<25nm;
4. Viscosity:          5~10mPa·s;
5. Solid content:       15~25wt%;
6. PH value:        <3;